with this ring

with this ring, I thee wed,
we’ll figure out the path we’ll tread,
together go, come hell, high water,
weave the threads this life has brought us.

to have, to hold, from this day forward,
to nurture life, our son and daughters,
ever loving, ever cautious,
that they hear the words life taught us.

to love and cherish, share our time,
hand in hand we’ve walked the line,
joy, celebration, fear and sorrow,
always there for the other’s tomorrow.

when all’s laid out before our eyes,
a look of wonder, a little pride,
our family, a world created,
none as ‘I’, we made it.

the heart, ruby, precious and warm,
beating for the life we’ve born,
since the altar, all with love,
today once more I plight thee my troth.