pot of gold

reworked for my little sister who liked the original that was lost…

a pot of gold
once was told
feared as lost, a tale grown old

a silent light
hidden tight
waiting soundless lost in night

ever brave
ever true
the fairies marshalled strength anew

here they flit
there they sought
the precious gift for those distraught

into dreams
through the veil
they wound their hopeful gleaming trail

just as darkness
seemed to spawn
they came upon a girl forlorn

the tears she shed
made glimmered threads
of stories weaved with sad and dread

they caught each drop
pure crystalled crops
multi-hued from every sob

they showed her how
each wrench of brow
had made her brave as she is now

to share her shroud
to speak it loud
was nemesis to darkling cloud

for every tear
when held as dear
shed wisdom’s light on future years

that pot of gold
was found at last
forged from tears so deeply cast