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The Portrait Sculpture Arrives Home, Gets A Name, A Story, And An Exhibition


¬†The name: L’alba, meaning ‘The Dawn’ in italian


The story of l’alba


Taking part in a first exhibition, I begin my set up at The Artisan Ladder pop-up exhibition in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK run from 2nd to 10th July 2017.

The World Press Photo Awards 2016: The Royal Festival Hall, London

The photographs for First Prize Spot News (Richardson) and Second Prize General News (Doumany) are beautifully tragic, candid images of trauma and war. Mine weren’t the only eyes brimming and I was grateful for that jolt in me, because the artwork of an outstanding discrete press photography image should be to evoke feeling and connection, where the gluttony of general media saturation with life’s darker side can leave you feeling numb. Numbness is of course one of the symptoms of trauma, a protective move to defend against the horror of what is witnessed and cannot be easily taken in. The dissonance of the Jazz chords playing in the Festival Hall after was apt.

World Press Photo Awards 2016

The Southbank Centre (including The Royal Festival Hall)

The London Jazz Festival

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